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Access Control


Digital Locks

In their most basic form, a mechanical digital lock comprises of a stand alone unit that activates upon successful entry of a correct key code. They do not require an electricity supply or in most cases, even a battery backup.

Electronic Door Entry

Access to buildings and internal doors can be triggered through a variety of electronic methods including proximity readers, card swipes or biometric readers. The benefits of a system to a mechanical lock is the potential to monitor activity on the lock and the ability to give multiple people entry under different key codes and restrict access to users when required.

Hotel Control Systems

Greater numbers of doors with a constant stream of different users, such as in hotels, may need to be monitored or controlled from a central location. Enabling alteration to be carried out remotely from a control centre, can save time, manpower and most importantly, revenue.

Audio & Video Entry Systems

Commonly used at the entrances of offices and residential flats, entry is dependent on verification from someone inside the building. Either using a speech panel connected through to an individual handset or, a CCTV system connected inside to an individual screen, the user can grant or refuse entry through an integrated lock release button on their end of the communication, negating any need for the resident or office worker to leave their location. Audio & video entry systems put control in the hands of the user.
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